Olga Grjasnowa’s debut novel is out now! Here’s what our publisher, Judith Gurewich, has to say about it:

This is a story for readers who, like our heroine Masha, are still young and in search of themselves. It’s about young immigrants from all over the world who move to Berlin. They seem to manage pretty well there: university is free, and racism is decried (though it’s also par for the course). But, as is so often the case, hearts are broken, dear ones die or leave, and Masha—a Jewish emigrant from Eastern Europe—convinces herself that traveling abroad will help the mourning process. She journeys to Israel and Palestine and discovers, oddly enough, that these places are not so different from Berlin. But for all her searching, she finds that she has no idea where she truly belongs.

All Russians Love Birch Trees is a fresh, unusual story: written from the heart, colorful, engaging, and a very fast read.

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