Hooray! Michel Laub’s powerful novel about the legacy of trauma and the power of family, beautifully translated by Margaret Jull Costa, is now a September 2014 IndieNext pick. Tom Flynn from 57th Street Books says:

“This novel is an emotional hand grenade, one of the most devastating and powerful works I’ve read in some time. As Laub’s narrator traces his own downfall and delves into the trauma that ripples through his family history, I found myself propelled forward and backward with him, unable to resist this small novel’s terrible gravity or the narrator’s powerful honesty. Diary of the Fall is one of those rare books that doesn’t just hold your attention, it demands it. I simply couldn’t stop reading.”

Here is what other booksellers are saying about Diary of the Fall:

Diary of the Fall is an example of what great literature can do: make the personal universal, and in so doing reveal new corners of human experience. In one small book, Diary of the Fall speaks of tradition, human cruelty, the Holocaust, immigration, the bond between fathers and sons, and how the past is never quite finished with us.” —Mark Haber, Brazos Bookstore (Houston, TX)

“Beautiful language illuminates the deep philosophical questions in this compelling memoir-style novel of a young Jewish man, his father, and his grandfather, each with a life-defining event. So much packed into one slim volume—a perfect book club read—I couldn’t wait to share this one.”—Jaime McCauley, RJ Julia Booksellers (Madison, CT)

You can download or print the entire list here, or visit IndieBound.