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I would love to schedule time to chat with you and your book group about my novel, The Honeymoon. It tells the story of the late-life marriage of the nineteenth-century novelist George Eliot, or Marian Evans, her real name, to a handsome young man twenty years her junior—and its near-tragic consequences. I can speak with you about George Eliot—her life, her work (which includes Middlemarch and Silas Marner), her romantic affairs—and all the insights I gained during my journey writing about her.

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More about The Honeymoon

Very little is known about this marriage because Eliot and her husband, John Cross, attempted to cover up the events that occurred on their honeymoon in Venice. As I tried to understand what had happened, I also grew interested in Eliot’s past and in her evolution as a woman. She was a very plain, uneducated country girl who taught herself literature, philosophy, and foreign languages—Latin, Greek, Italian, German, and Hebrew—eventually becoming the most famous writer in the land, and an extremely wealthy woman. Before she became a novelist, she was the brilliant editor of the Westminster Review, an important literary journal, but anonymously, because at that time a woman couldn’t be an editor of a magazine. The public and the investors wouldn’t stand for it.

Still, she longed to be a novelist. She was also a passionate and sexual person, and she fell in love with several men who spurned her, perhaps because she was homely. Then, one day, she met the journalist George Henry Lewes, and they fell in love. Lewes was already married and, because of a legal loophole, couldn’t get a divorce. But he adored Eliot and convinced her that she could write, and he sustained her devotedly for twenty-six years. When he died, Eliot thought her life was over, until handsome, young John Walter Cross persuaded her to marry him.

The Honeymoon is a novel about sex and aging, and about confronting the loss of one’s life partner. But it’s also a novel about the complex nature of redemption, and about the many different kinds of love that can exist within us all.