Erri De Luca translated from the Italian by Michael Moore

Three Horses

A Novel

Publication Date: Sep 17, 2005

144 pp


List Price US $12.95
ISBN: 9781590514276

Trade Paperback

List Price US $12.95
ISBN: 9781590511350

The intense, metaphysical and poetic story of a gardener in love, by Italy’s most prominent writer

“A man’s life lasts as long as three horses. You have already buried the first.”

Somewhere along the coastline of Italy, a man passes his days in solitude and silence, tending a garden and reading books of travel and adventure. Through these simple routines he seeks to quiet the painful memories of the past: a life on the run from Argentina’s Dirty War; a young bride ‘disappeared’ by the military; a terrifying escape through the wilds of Patagonia.

Yet everywhere he turns, new life is pulsing, ready to awaken his senses, like the force that drives his fruit trees into bloom. People and events from the past and present migrate into patterns assigned by a metaphysical geometry. A woman of the world re-introduces him to love. An African day laborer teaches him the meaning of gratitude.

In this intense narrative, every acute observation, every nuance, becomes a means of salvation. Using a language that is both gripping and contemplative, Three Horses is an unforgettable tale.

Excerpt from Three Horses

“This gem of a novel…is a parable about how the world can heal us after we suffer a great loss.” —St. Petersburg Times

“A surreal puzzle to be savored.” —Publishers Weekly

“A keenly romantic tale of loss and solace.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Intricate, engaging.” —Seattle Times