Charles Enderlin translated from the French by Suzanne Verderber

The Lost Years

Radical Islam, Intifada, and Wars in the Middle East 2001-2006

Publication Date: Dec 15, 2007

378 pp


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ISBN: 9781590511718

From Ariel Sharon’s ascent to power in February 2001 to the Israel-Lebanon conflict in July 2006, the Middle East has seen the most murderous years of a feud which is, today, half a century old. After the monumental convergence of powers at Camp David, the world watched with bated breath as hope for a peaceful resolution to the long, bitter dispute between Israel and Palestine was lost in the wake of the Intifada. Following years of searching for an end to the bloodshed, how did the tragic blindness of both parties throw this region into such chaos?

In The Lost Years, Charles Enderlin presents a scrupulous chronicle of the Israeli and Palestinian descent into hell. Political leaders and secret negotiators, military chiefs and CIA agents, Enderlin has met them all—Israelis and Palestinians—and he accounts for all sides, including U.S. and international involvement. He trails the bad political calculations of the Palestinians, which led to the defeat of Fatah and to the victory of the Islamists. And he exposes Israel’s unilateral political approach and new military doctrines that had disastrous consequences for both camps. Intifada, September 11th, war in Iraq, the construction of the wall, the withdrawal from Gaza, the end of the reigns of the two old enemies—Arafat and Sharon—the electoral victory of Hamas, and the war in Lebanon; Enderlin reveals the implacable logic at work behind the crucial events of a confused period. The Lost Years, the follow-up to Enderlin’s bestselling book, Shattered Dreams, is an essential work for those who try to understand without judging, but still want to believe in peace.

Excerpt from The Lost Years

“Enderlin meticulously chronicles the political and diplomatic impasses…revealing the history of this former film noir through interviews with the men who were its lead actors.” —Le Monde

“This absorbing story of the unraveling of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf includes interviews with the political leaders, diplomats, and intelligence agents who have tried to avoid, or who have contributed to these failures.” —ForeWord Magazine

“From Enderlin, the Middle East bureau chief for France 2, a journalistic account of the current era of troubles in Israel and Palestine….Enderlin urges Israel to negotiate with the new government of Mahmoud Abbas based on the principle of “territory for peace”—without which, he reasonably concludes, peace will be impossible. An evenhanded view of a most partisan conflict.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This French journalist, with long experience in the Middle East, presents a detailed chronicle of the recent period of military, diplomatic, and political conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He concludes that verbal commitment to mutual recognition and negotiation by both sides could not overcome Israeli determination for military action and unilateralism or Palestinian ineptitude and internal divisions. Militant Palestinian continuation of the intifada and Israeli reprisals resulted in lost opportunities and continuing occupation and misery.” —Library Journal