Short-Term Psychotherapy

A Psychodynamic Approach

Publication Date: Jul 17, 2001

226 pp

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ISBN: 9781892746955

In recent years there has been an escalating interest in and demand for time-limited therapeutic interventions. Short-Term Psychotherapy demonstrates how Freud’s wish for psychodynamically informed therapy to become a therapy for the people can be realized in short-term dynamic interventions.

Alex Coren provides a comprehensive account of the history and contemporary relevance of time-limited psychodynamic therapy. He examines its current position and reviews the time-limited approaches of other therapeutic traditions. Drawing on this work and using attachment theory, the narrative tradition and the concept of a person’s private and personal idiom, he presents a practical and approachable model of short-term therapy that develops current psychoanalytic thinking and practice. Through vivid clinical material he addresses important issues relating to practice including:
· assessment and client suitability for short-term work
· differences in therapeutic techniques between time-limited and open ended approaches
· therapeutic outcome
· supervision and training
· working in different clinical settings

Excerpt from Short-Term Psychotherapy

“Subtle and incisive . . . This book reveals just how misleading it has been to privilege the long-term therapies and evokes both the point of therapy and the spirit in which it might be done.” —Adam Phillips