Power Games

Influence, Persuasion, and Indoctrination in Psychotherapy Training

Publication Date: Nov 17, 2006

320 pp

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ISBN: 9781590511732

Edited by Richard Raubolt

An intense account of the misuse of power in psychotherapeutic training that offers solutions to this urgent issue.

Over the course of his own training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, Richard Raubolt came to see that advanced training is more often than not plagued by authoritarian practices, some subtle and many pronounced. It is the contention of Raubolt and his contributors that these practices instill fear and foster blind obedience to the favored proclivities of the leaders of the training institute. In turn, this subservience, which seeps into the therapeutic relationship, prevents both the training candidates and their prospective patients from developing creative, authentic, and meaningful experiences.

This is a book written from the perspective of scholars and experienced clinicians who are acutely aware both on a personal and theoretical level of the disruptive role of power games in psychoanalytic institutes. The collection features a highly nuanced and comprehensively developed psychoanalytic understanding of the use and misuse of power, authority, status, and control operating in many traditional and nontraditional training experiences. Finally, new supervisory and training models based on empathy, respect for subjective experiences, and democratic principles are proposed as an alternative to the abusive practices so powerfully described in this book.

Contributors: Doris Brothers, Theodore Dorpat, Paula B. Fuqua, Arthur Gray, Irene Harwood, Patrick B. Kavanaugh, Michael Lariviere, Conrad Lecomte, Molyn Leszcz, Marty Livingston, Gershon J. Molad, Linda Raubolt, Richard Raubolt, Annette Richard, Joan Sarnat, Daniel Shaw, Charles Strozier, Judith E. Vida, and Ernest Wolf.

Excerpt from Power Games