The Die Is Cast

Publication Date: Aug 01, 2017

464 pp

Trade Paperback

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Trim Size (H x W): 5.5 x 8.25
ISBN: 978-1-59051-882-3


List Price US $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-59051-883-0

This best-selling Scandinavian thriller follows its troubled heroine as she investigates a high-profile robbery for Stockholm’s Violent Crimes Division.

Naked and bloody, a seven-year-old girl walks into a bank in central Stockholm in broad daylight and gets away with millions. Leona Lindberg of Stockholm’s Violent Crimes Division agrees to work on the case. With a long, distinguished history on the police force, she seems the perfect choice. But Leona is grappling with difficult issues of her own—a gambling addiction, a strained marriage—that could jeopardize the investigation. As she struggles to keep the volatile pieces of her life under control, the line between right and wrong becomes increasingly unclear, and even irrelevant.

This is a hardboiled crime novel, filled with unexpected twists and turns, featuring an unusual heroine. Leona makes for gripping reading while challenging feminine norms and questioning what is behind the choices we make.

Excerpt from Leona

No one had noticed her yet. Slowly and silently she crept along the narrow entrance mat toward the middle of the bank.

Her steps were determined.

Her gaze glassy.

She no longer felt the sores and dried blood on her naked, slender body. Only her heart distracted her. She could hear every beat. 1-2 . . . 3-4-5 . . . 6 . . . The beats were too fast and uneven to count. She hugged the teddy bear against her chest as hard as she could. The pounding felt softer then.

The fluorescents were harsh and bright compared to the subdued bluish-gray light outside. She squinted. Just a few more steps.

Right . . . left . . . right . . .

She stopped in the middle of the lobby. Without moving her head she looked around the room, taking in the high counters, the computers, the people in suits. She stood still for a brief moment before she slowly and quietly bent down to set the tape recorder on the marble floor. She lightly pressed the play button and straightened up.

A gruff male voice echoed throughout the bank: “My name is Olivia and I’m seven years old. Now listen carefully and do exactly as I say . . .”

“In what has to be one of the most original and suspenseful openings in a psychological crime thriller, Swedish bestselling author, Jenny Rogneby’s debut novel, (part one in a three-part series) Leona: The Die Is Cast, turns all thrillers on their heads, and rips to shreds all previously written rules on the genre…From the evocative beginning, to the shocking denouement, LEONA: THE DIE IS CAST, is an extraordinary debut novel filled with unique characters and heart-pumping situations we never see coming. Jenny Rogneby is an exciting and fresh new voice, bringing all her years of experience as a criminal investigator into the pages, giving them the voice of authenticity other crime thrillers lack. Totally riveting. Roll on the sequel.”  —New York Journal of Books

“Jenny Rogneby is the new queen of Nordic noir. Her heroine is like no one else. And the way she writes! She grabs you and you just can’t stop reading.” —David Lagercrantz, New York Times best-selling author of The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Millenium Series)

“Any readers looking for something different—Leona: The Die Is Cast could be just the ticket. There’s so much here in the writing, and the styling that is very brave of this author.” —AustCrimeFiction (Australia)

“Just when readers think they can pick the ending, some complex twists and turns emerge, setting the scene for the second in a three-book series.” —Otago Daily Times (New Zealand)

“A sensational novel…surprising.” —Gala (France)

“Thrilling, and a comment on the world of today and the threat of terror.” —Dagbladet (Norway)

“Jenny Rogneby pushes the boundaries in her decidedly unique crime debut… A bold enterprise by a debut author.” —BOK (Norway)

“The novel takes twists and turns that will leave any reader breathless…Rogneby has given us a book you cannot put down, through the frantic final pages that end on a cliffhanger sure to leave you dreading and anticipating what comes next.” —Woman Around Town

“There are stumbling steps into gray-black darkness. There are new robberies to commit. There are complications that are not just there to bewilder, but that really tickle and make the body itch. Yes, we are pulled into the kind of tension that makes it hard to stop reading, not just because it is thrilling (which it is), but because it in passing says something, mainly about Leona: the plain becomes slippery and I hold on tighter and tighter to the pages.” —Helsingborgs Dagblad

“The novel is a breath of fresh air and it has several unexpected twists, which makes it impossible to put down.” —The CrimeHouse