Lacan and the New Wave in American Psychoanalysis

The Subject and the Self

Publication Date: Sep 17, 1998

274 pp

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ISBN: 9781892746030

In collaboration with Susan Fairfield

What is it that makes Lacan so difficult for Americans to understand, and what makes Lacanians so suspicious of American psychoanalysis? This work brings together some of the most prominent psychoanalysts in France and America today to address a range of topics.

Excerpt from Lacan and the New Wave in American Psychoanalysis

“American and Lacanian analysts have more to gain from a dialogue than from ignoring or caricaturing each other. This book initiates such a dialogue with a focus on theories, strategies, and techniques in relation to concrete clinical phenomena. American clinicians who have wondered why their European and South American colleagues enthusiastically embrace Lacanian ideas will find here a rich and productive answer to that question.” —Mark Bracher, Kent State University

“By fashioning a dialogue between French and American analysts concerning the crucial questions posed by Lacan’s work, Gurewich and Tort provide a unique learning opportunity. This is cross-cultural exchange of the most clinically instructive sort.” —Owen Renik, Editor, Psychoanalytic Quarterly

“A remarkable mix, due in equal part to the quality of the contributors, the candor yet civility of the discussion, and the clarification of fundamental issues that emerges with the help of a lucid summary of Lacanian theory by Judith Gurewich to begin with, and the penetrating summary by Michel Tort at the end.” —William J. Richardson