Joel Dor translated from the French by Susan Fairfield

Introduction to the Reading of Lacan

The Unconscious Structured Like a Language

Publication Date: Sep 17, 1998

296 pp


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ISBN: 9781590516614

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Joël Dor’s Introduction to the Reading of Lacan is the demystifying first in The Lacanian Clinical Field, a landmark series that elucidates clinical applications of Lacanian theory for the English-speaking audience. Dor probes the link between structuralism and linguistic theory, clarifying Lacan’s famous formulation that the unconscious is structured like a language, and proving that the mighty if opaque ideas of Jacques Lacan can be made understandable.

Excerpt from Introduction to the Reading of Lacan

“A major and long overdue addition to the America/English psychoanalytic literature. . . . All major concepts—among them the mirror stage, the Name-of-the-Father, metaphor and metonymy, the phallus, the foreclosure of the subject—are developed in depth.” —Nicholas Kouretsas, Harvard Medical School