Asia's Rise and America's Decline from Obama to Trump and Beyond

Publication Date: Nov 06, 2018

336 pp


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-894-6-1-1

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Excerpt from Easternization


“With lucid, easily readable prose – as befits the chief foreign affairs columnist of the Financial Times – Easternization examines the ways in which global power is shifting to the East – read mostly China and, to some extent, India – and the challenge that poses to the West and its established order. Donald Trump’s election, and his inclination toward isolationism, only make this book, and its argument, more relevant.” —NPR, ‘BEST BOOKS OF 2017’ Selection

“Informed on history and up to date, [Easternization] is a sprightly, pointed primer on world affairs.”—Foreign Affairs

A fascinating story.” —Wall Street Journal
“Rachman…has an eye for the telling statistic and for the memorable detail that makes it stick.” —New York Review of Books

“A superb survey of global affairs.”—Fareed Zakaria, CNN

“Intelligent and provocative.” —New York Times Book Review

“Weaving a smattering of history with insights gleaned from his interviews with global power players, Rachman offers a fast-paced and diverting analysis of the challenges facing U.S. foreign policy in the Pacific.” —Publishers Weekly

“What this book is really about, and is very good at describing, is the growing impact of China on its neighbors, on the world” The Economist

“Excellent…A most informative, readable, and interesting piece of work that deserves a wide readership.” —The Guardian

“Easternization… chronicles the economic potency and the diplomatic and military posturing of Asian elites… Rachman is one of the few sensible pundits in the Anglo-American establishment.” —Pankaj Mishra, Guardian, author of The Age of Anger

“We are witness in this very decade to one of the greatest geopolitical shifts in the global power balances. . . This tale has many chroniclers and numerous exponents, but by far the most insightful, sensible, and compelling is Easternization.  This really is one of those works where you can say you wished our political leaders would read and ponder upon its great implications.” Paul Kennedy, author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

“A brilliant and engrossing account of the emerging power struggles of the twenty-first century. . . Rachman’s access to world leaders from Beijing to Washington provides a unique perspective on international politics.” Andrew Roberts, author of The Storm of War

“Gideon Rachman zeroes in on the most important geopolitical issue of our time. . . An indispensable guide to the Great Game of the twenty-first century.” Nicholas Burns, Harvard University and former U.S. Under Secretary of State

“An extraordinarily thoughtful and eloquent guide to a world in the midst of profound transition. Rachman navigates deftly an international landscape full of powerful and often contradictory currents.” Ambassador William J. Burns, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Deputy Secretary of State