Art of the Subject

Publication Date: Aug 17, 2003

320 pp


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ISBN: 9781590510339

Clinical theory, to be effective, must provide psychoanalytic practitioners with a framework and a mental space that takes into account the "disturbance in the analytic field" that neccesarily occur during the work in progress. Since Freud there has been no psychoanalytic school of thought that has been able to address the realm of illusion, images,and bodily sensations together with the conditions that open the field of speakable desire.

The Art of the Subject provides this unique theoretical space by weaving together, for the first time, Winnicott’s (British School) focus on the necessity of illusion and Lacan’s (French School) emphasis on the limit that makes subjectivity possible. And as is true of the process of psychoanalysis itself, the one plus one of Winnicott and Lacan yields here a potentiating "third" from which fresh and vibrant aspects of the analytic matrix emerge and are voiced.

Excerpt from Art of the Subject

Metapsychology Online Book Reviews 2004

"Mardy Ireland is more than just well informed in the matters of psychoanalysis. She can think creatively about classical Freud, the Kleinian school (especially Bion), Ogden, Green, Lecours; she can be clearminded and (if necessary) critical about modern infant observational methodologies. Her clinical illustrations are convincing, her discourse is complex yet easy to follow. . . [Her] method is original, her style is thoughtful and evocative. This book could be of great use for psychoanalyst-practitioners and for all those interested in complicated questions of human personality (its development, its structure and its dynamics)."