Any Means Necessary

A Leona Lindberg Thriller

Any Means Necessary

Publication Date: Feb 12, 2019

448 pp

Trade Paperback

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Trim Size (H x W): 5.5 x 8.25
ISBN: 978-159051-884-7


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ISBN: 978-1-59051-885-4

In the highly anticipated sequel to Leona: The Die Is Cast, a corrupt detective deals with the emotional fallout of her actions while investigating a terrorist attack in the heart of Stockholm.

A man blows himself up outside the Parliament House in Stockholm, but miraculously survives. Was he a lone wolf, or are there more heinous acts to follow? Leona Lindberg is put on the case. But Leona, who has barely escaped her trials from the last case, is focused on other things. Her family is shattered, she is living under threat, and desperately needs liquid assets. It’s lucky then, that she can think outside the box like no other detective. With one foot on each side of the law, she mounts a special operation of grand proportions. And the higher the risk, the higher the rewards

Excerpt from Any Means Necessary

Naturally, I hadn’t planned on losing all my money to a blackmailer. When I tried to explain the situation to Armand, he gave me a look that chilled me to the bone. He squinted and asked me in his formal, French-accented English to repeat what I had just said about the money I owed him. Said he thought it had sounded as though I no longer had the money, but that he was certain he must have heard me wrong.

That man had the ability to make even me nervous.

Not until I told him I was planning a big new job did his eyes soften. As an experienced banker, he understood my thinking immediately. Very large sums in several different currencies. Which meant I would be in even greater need of his services to handle the conversion and laundering. I had been careful, however, not to be too specific about the timing and method.

After that he had left me alone for a while. But now he was back, demanding his money.

I rubbed my temples in an attempt to ease my headache while I waited for the elevator. As if that wasn’t bad enough, another problem had now been dropped in my lap.

The bomber.

Alexandra and the entire senior management would be all over me, querying my work. As would a number of foreign security services and Europol. Swedish and international media would hound me with questions. I slumped against the elevator wall. Exhaled.

I had to try to get out of this assignment.

“Edgy…Rapid-fire cuts between narrators convey the vicious uncertainties of Leona’s near-sociopathic hallucinogenic struggle to pay off her debt and make a better life for her school-aged daughter. Rogneby draws effectively on her background in criminology and experience as a Stockholm police detective.” —Publishers Weekly

“As a character, Leona asks a lot of the reader. She is savvy, decisive, and resourceful, in many ways admirable, but she is also relentlessly selfish, willing to inflict pain and misery to get what she wants…She differs from typical noir antiheroes—she’s not a disappointed idealist but rather an amoral pragmatist. But never mind. This installment is more completely plotted and more involving than the first, and if Leona seems a little inhuman, well that’s Leona being Leona. Leona’s back! Lock the henhouse!” —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Leona: The Die Is Cast

“Jenny Rogneby is the new queen of Nordic noir. Her heroine is like no one else. And the way she writes! She grabs you and you just can’t stop reading.”—David Lagercrantz, author of the #1 bestselling The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Millennium Series)

“Leona is caught in a downward spiral, as events take surprising turns to a stunning climax in the final pages. A bestseller in Scandinavia, this debut thriller by former police investigator Rogneby is the first in a series featuring the compelling, haunted Leona.” —Booklist 

“Disturbing…[Rogneby] brings authenticity to this hard-boiled tale.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readers who enjoy rooting for the bad guy may find their match in Leona, who is reminiscent of Jeff Lindsay’s serial killer hero Dexter…Swedish criminologist Rogneby has written an unusual and compelling crime novel.” —Library Journal